From ‘Toy to Tool’ – Smartphones for Science

Lab-In-Your-Pocket features at the Festival of Social Sciences October 2022

Can smartphones be more than a toy and device of distraction? Researchers at the School of Geography and the Environment have successfully used smartphones as Lab-In-Your-Pocket for research and teaching. We will be facilitating hands-on activities which will unlock the underused potential of smartphones involving pocket microscopes as well as collaboration with a machine learning app to diversify and explore your environment.

Suitable for everyone. This is a drop-in activity with elements of self-guiding – just turn up.

The event will be run by Dr Katrin Wilhelm, Dr Sterling Mackinnon, School of Geography and Environment, Website


Are We Headed for a Wasteland?

@MartinMichette representing http://@OxRBL research at this interesting panel hosted on 25th of October 2022at the Oxford University Natural History Museum http://@morethanadodo with http://@fawcett_tina & Labib Azzouz to discuss how innovations in building materials, transport, and domestic energy use might shape our futures.

Two women and two men are sitting at a table in front of microphones while one is talking.

Tina Fawcett, Martin Michette and Labib Azzouz during the panel discussion.

Sulphur is a byproduct of the tar sands extraction process, and though it has many industrial uses (most significantly in fertilizer production) the current market price is quite low, so Syncrude is storing it for future sale